By making a purchase on you accept the following terms and conditions. The terms and conditions can be updated, why we recommend you always check these.

Terms when buying a video shoutout on

Buying a video shoutout on

Through the VIFT website you can buy video shoutouts from different talents. You can make an order from a talent, who then has 7 days to complete og reject the video shoutout. When the talent has completed the video shoutout, it will be sent to the email address provided by you, and the debit or credit card you provided will be charged.

If the talent does not complete your order within 7 days, it will be canceled and you will not be charged.’s role as an intermediary acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the talent who sells video shoutouts.

Any video shoutout bought via is made espcially to the buyer, because of that normal cancellation rights does not apply.

Payment accepts online payment with Visa/Dankort, Visa and Mastercard.

You will be charged when your video shoutout has been recorded and is sent to you, unless other arrangements have been made or is reflected on your order and subsequent confirmation.

All amounts on the website includes VAT.

The website uses the following currency in pricing:
Denmark – Kroner (DKK). uses af secure payment server, that encrypts all information by SSL protocol, which means that your data is secure and cannot be read by anyone not essential to the payment process.

The website also uses encryption by SSL protocol.

Return policy

There is no right to return on products bought on, because the video shoutouts is made especially for each client. In Accordance to Danish law.


There is a 2 year warranty in accordance with Danish law.

The warranty applies if there is a glitch in the delivered video shoutout.

In these cases you need to make aware of this in a timely manner after the video shoutout has been delivered. A timely manner is considered max. 2 business days unless other arrangements have been made.

Rights to video shoutouts bought on

By receiving the video shoutout bought on, you also get a non-exlusive license to view, gift the video to someone else and upload the video on social platforms. However you are not allowed to re-sell it.

Unless you choose the option “non public video”, VIFT can use the video in every way we wish for promotional and marketing purposes.

Reservations as well as the individual talent, reserve the rights to cancel any order. If an order is cancelled, we will notify you by the email you providing during the ordering process.

Terms between talents and

Sale of video shoutouts

When an order for a video shoutout is made via your talent profile, you will review an email notification, and have 7 days to record, upload and send the shoutout on the VIFT web app. You also have the right to cancel an order.

When you have uploaded the completed video shoutout, will make sure it is delivered to the buyer.

If you after the 7 day, have not yet completed the order, it will be cancelled, and the buyer will receive notification about this.

When you sell video shoutouts on you do so as an independant contractor.


You will receive 70% of the full amount from every video shoutout you complete, unless you, on the VIFT web app, have decided to donate the complete og part of your share to charity. There is a minimum amount of 300 DKK for a video shoutout.

We will pay you your share of the video shoutouts you have sold via a monthly bank transfer, to the account you provide to us. is not responsible for delays in payment, caused by you, a third party or banks.

You are responsible for reporting your earnings to the to you relevant authorities.

Responsibility for content in video shoutouts

As a talent on you accept that the videos you record, upload and send does not violate any laws or contain offensive content.

Political and religious content

Political and religious content is not allowed in the video shoutouts. We want everyone to be able to safely use and enjoy Because of that we do not accept video shoutouts containing religious or political content.

Personal information

As a talent on you accept that gather, transfer, store and use the personal information you provide, in a manner that is necessary to create and update your account, as well as make payments to you. All personal information is stored securely, and at any time you can ask to have these deleted.

Vide shoutouts uploaded to

When you upload video shoutouts to, you accept that these can be used, stored and posted on other online platform, both by the buyer and You also accept that can use part of, or full length video shoutouts uploaded by you, as a part of our marketing work and efforts.

Image & video content

By using VIFT you confirm that all image and video content you share with us, is something you have the rights of use for. When onboarding we request that you, as a minimum, provide us with an image, we can use on your VIFT-profile page, and to promote you on social media.

Changes to terms and conditions reserve the rights to, at all times, change the terms and conditions, in a manner that they are applicable the next time you use We will inform you about significant updates or changes to the terms by the email address associated with your account.