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De Danske Hyrder

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De Danske Hyrder (DDH) is a Danish rap gang from the west side of Copenhagen. They deliver swag and youthful beats to many teenager caves and parties.

Boyish pranks and cheap beavers characterize DDH. They have more than 40 million streams on YouTube, two of their albums and three of their songs have earned gold.

The group’s active members include Frederik Bering, Adam Samuelsen, Oliver Sjur and Martin Dam. In addition to the performers in the group, the following members have always been part of the collective: Theodor Praëm, Hjalte Morthorst, Anas Attaheri, Tobias Palme, Rasmus Brandt and Mathias Føns.

Video shoutouts from DDH are flying! So, if you like to have fun and want to meet some real lads – book DDH.

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